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If you are a resident of Nigeria and want to ship Affordable cars in Lagos from the USA to Nigeria, but you do not know how to operate the whole process, then we are here to help you. Since Nigeria is a developing country and progress is excellent, and the cars imported from the USA are trendy there. Since there is huge competition among all, there are much higher prices of vehicles in Nigeria. So the used car market is flourishing. If you look forward to buying a car, you can directly approach us. Here we have an article particular for. What you need to export a vehicle from the USA. So be with us and see our section ultimately:

When you choose to buy a car in Lagos, it needs to get a departure from the US and undergoes custom inspection where their government officers look for the appropriate paperwork. For that purpose, you all have to make sure that you have almost around two to three copies of each document. Also, before the departure, another essential thing is that you have to make sure that your vehicle certificates are prepared within 72 hours just before the withdrawal. But when you go through this process, we are here with you to serve; we make all these tasks easy for you so that you can get your car departure quickly. Before any withdrawal, remember that you can only export vehicles with a valid title or certificate.

When you go for shipping Affordable cars in Lagos, you have to be very careful while choosing your shipping method. Different ports accept vehicles via container consolidation and RORO, or roll-on, roll-off shipping. When you deal with us, we make sure that we go through the best route for your shipping method.

Moving forward in the article, let’s see what you have to know before shipping and when you choose to buy a car in Lagos car to Nigeria. When you get your car arrived in Nigeria it has to go under Nigerian authority check, for that, you have to go under some import guidelines, here are the guidelines and procedures for it:

Nigeria’s authority does not allow residents to import older cars, trucks, and vans. So you have to look for a vehicle which is no more aged than 15 years from the manufacturing date.

You have to keep in mind that you should not look for a right hand-driving car, as it is prohibited.

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