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2013 TOYOTA COROLLA BA N3,700,000



2013 TOYOTA COROLLA B N3,700,000

2015 TOYOTA COROLLA N5,500,000

2015 TOYOTA COROLLA N5,500,000

2017 LEXUS RX 350 BASE N15,000,000

2015 LEXUS RX 350 BASE N13,000,000

2015 lexus rx 350 bas N 13,000,000

2017 LEXUS RX 350 BASE N15,000,000

2015 LEXUS RX 350 N13,000,000

2015 LEXUS RX 350 N13,000,000

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We are leading auction cars in Lagos.

Cars 1960 is the best car auction company in Nigeria with experience spanning over a period of 2 decades

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  • A Wide Range Of Vehicles

    Our product covers a wide range of popular brands available in the market.

  • Fair, Upfront Pricing

    Cars1960 deliver your choice car with lees than 65% upfront easing you of the financing.

  • Trusted By Thousands

    Our increase in customer base is an index factor to our quality services and acceptability.

  • Lifelong Auto Service

    At Cars1960 customer satisfaction is our utmost desire. Check what client are saying about us.


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When you go through different companies that are providing financial planning, you have many varieties in it. We are the number one Car auction broker in Nigeria which in business of providing financial planning. In all our business plan, we have a flexible package for different income levels, ensuring that you are not constrained at any point.

You still have the opportunity to finance other necessary day-to-day expenses. These are the best financial planning with us which we provide to all our customers who are planning the purchase of their desired cars. Car auction broker in Nigeria set their goals to make our customers benefit from our service so that our financial offer sets a more significant value to customers who look to buy their next cars.

You can quickly get in touch with us for Car auction broker in Lagos, you can give us call and share about your queries with us, or even you can go through our website to know more about our different plans available and select the most comfortable option.

Vehicle has been driven the experts in our company always provide you with the necessary help for your business. You have to offer your business, and they will work hard to help you out so that you can get the best car according to your company, and you get success

There are many reasons due to which many of our clients face trust problems. One of the most prominent trust issues arise is that if the car which we are providing is not worth to use, then what does the company do? Cars1960 in Nigeria is a trustable company that always looks for the benefits of our clients, hence taking the complete guarantee of our service.

All the workers working under us make sure that all the clients approaching us are offered with reasonable rates and affordable services. In some matters, you have to make sure about the company, but we are working in this field for many years and have a lot of experience in serving with car service. All workers of Cars1960 in Nigeria are highly dedicated to their work and treat their work as an opportunity to help clients with their service. We are sure that if you approach us once, you will guide others to contact us!!

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